Prevent high follow-up costs from faulty pressed pieces: SOANA is the global leader in measuring systems for in-line use in forging presses. SOANA indicates faulty car body parts with a width of more than 6 feet in high precision and real time. Furthermore, it is not sensitive to shocks, oil, dirt or stray light, which means that it can be used in a wide range of scenarios in the automobile industry and aviation. Image guided and computer-controlled, SOANA recognizes cracks, contractions, scratches, folds and hole-group faults in the component part.



SOANA is installed as a portal above the belt exit zone. It can span up to 6 yards. It captures each and every sheet-metal component part produced guaranteeing fault identification with base oiled sheets up to 2 g/m². This forging press-capable testing system is independent of extraneous light with its low-maintenance LED illumination.

Any tested component parts are captured in real time, evaluated and signaled. The fault is displayed any way you want: on screens at the terminal, by lights or horns. Robots can be given the signal to automatically extract faulty parts by BUS control. Beyond this, SOANA can be programmed to recognize several types of faults which are cracks, contractions, scratches and folds along with type and hole-group faults. It can also classify faults to allow for a second visual examination by a human or to immediately indicate returning and scrapping the faulty part.


In-line speeds up
to 10 feet per second







SOANA adapts itself to the speed of your production and works reliably at belt speeds up to 10 feet per second. The component part is controlled at the full production rate and 100 %. That’s unique anywhere in our industry.



The intelligence of SOANA is in the evaluation algorithm it is programmed with. That means that SOANA can be updated and trained for alternating and future pressed pieces while the number of examined component parts can be extended limitlessly.

UP TO 40



Industry-capable cameras under a high-performance LED illumination system take as many as 300 images per second. This high image frequency rate guarantees that distortions from rocking component parts and shocks in and outside of the system are compensated for. Even oil films on pressed pieces do not prevent it from identifying faults. Various camera and lens types are used to cope with different depths of parts.










The camera system captures depth and details and handles enormous quantities of data allowing it to compare the component part in real time with its stored CAD data. SOANA even identifies very flat damage spots such as scratches, contractions and little cracks.

SHS is the leading specialist for optical surveying and examining pressed pieces that are used by component part suppliers and assembly works in the automobile industry and aviation. Whenever faulty component parts are not identified immediately and get into the assembly line, this can spell costly downtimes in assembly, expensive manual overhaul or even scrapping the partially assembled vehicle. Unfortunately, having people examine and identify is unreliable, expensive and just not up-to-date. Having image- and computer-supported solutions that can be integrated into the press was our motivation and occasion for developing SOANA, the Speed Optical Analyzer. Global market leader VOLKSWAGEN AG and Tier-1 suppliers MAGNA / DRIVE, ELRING KLINGER and TOWER AUTOMOTIVE are already using the inline-capable examination and measuring systems of SHS. SOANA can be scaled for an unlimited number of very large and alternating pressed pieces, making it absolutely unique.



SOANA is installed above the belt exit zone of the forging press. Faulty parts are marked so that people or robots can eliminate them immediately.



Programming guarantees that SOANA can be trained to future component parts and new fault definitions while the number of parts that can be examined is limitless.



Machine and production data are stored for diagnosis for up to a year. We support your monitoring 24-7 via remote maintenance with UMTS/LTE.